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1968 Inauguration "Munt la Schera"

Inauguration of the "Munt La Schera" Tunnel, connecting Livigno with the Lower Engadine and Zernez in Switzerland.
With the convention, signed by Italy and Switzerland on May 27, 1957, the sharing of the waters of the river Spöl was agreed upon. The Spöl originates under Livigno's ground. The water (about 90 million cubic metres) is diverted on 2.000 m to the artificial dams of Cancano and S.Giacomo di Fraele (A.E.M. Milan) in Italy, while Switzerland built a dam at Ponte del Gallo, creating a reservoir for arout 164 million cubic metres of water.
The "Munt La Schera" Tunnel originally was built to transport needed materials to the dam at Ponte del Gallo from 1965 to 1968.
On September 18, 1963 Livigno's mayor, Gianvittorio Vittadini, signed with the "Patto di Lugano" the clause, mandating to leave the tunnel open to car traffic, after it had been used to build the dam.


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