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Livigno's churches

Livigno has a deep-rooted roman catholic-culture. Probably the geographical isolation (1.800m) is one of the reasons for the strong roman-catholic influence. As L.G. Battista Silvestri in one of his books "Livigno....once upon a time" wrote, that Livigno's churches were testimonies of such a deep rooted faith, that people even didn't loose their faith in a better hereafter - not even when they had to fight against nature and its immense powers year after year.
It doesn't seem a coincidence then, that many parts of Livigno are named after their parish, which once were centres of the different parts of the village.

Literature: "Le chiese di Livigno e Trepalle", editor: Parish S.Maria and S.Anna

Chiesa dell'Addolorata in Val Federia